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GBA Flare Systems Ltd

GBA Flare Systems is an internationally based supplier of flare equipment to the world's Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical Industies.The flare systems GBA supply include flare tips, flare pilot ignition systems, elevated flare structures and associated flare equipment. GBA supply flare systems for use at oil refineries, chemical plants, offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities and power stations; in fact, anywhere there is a need to flare off large volumes of flammable gases quickly and safely.

GBA client list for flare systems is extensive and includes most of the world's oil majors and also the world's leading engineering contracting companies.

GBA design flare systems to cover the whole spectrum of flaring applications including high pressure low radiation sonic flare tips, steam assist smokeless flares, totally enclosed ground flares and flare support structures to over 200m high.

GBA Flare Systems operates from three main locations, in London and Milan for Europe , the Middle-East and SE Asia , and in Houston for North and South America . GBA Flare Systems is represented in most countries by local sales agents, please contact us to be put in touch with the flare agent applicable to your location.

GBA Flare Systems is staffed by committed personnel many of whom have lengthy track records in the flare industry and are acknowledged experts in the field of flare systems design. 

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