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Flare Technology

GBA have their own flare design for applications meeting todays international requirements and envoronmental demands. This design is based on years of experiense including actual field feedback.

GBA Flare Systems CSF sonic flares are single nozzle or multi-nozzle high pressure low radiation sonic flare tips designed to give superior performance where low radiation and smokeless combustion are required. Every effort has been made with CSF sonic flares to ensure longevity in service and to this end the critical parts are all fabricated from thick wall heat resisting alloy. In addition, a slatted windshield works to minimise flame draw-down in windy conditions. Lifetimes of 5 to 10 years are being achieved with GBA Flare Systems CSF sonic flare tips.

Where there is a need for smokeless combustion of low pressure, heavy waste gases but no steam is available then GBA Flare Systems CAF air assist flares can be used. CAF air assist flares use forced draft air to create turbulence and to supply the requisite primary air into the base of the flame thus achieving a clean, upright flame.

The GBA Pipe flare tip provides a flexible method of low pressure, high volume waste gas disposal utilizing a well proven technology that ensures a safe and efficient means of combusting relief flowrates from maximum emergency conditions to turndown. Flame stability over the entire operating range is achieved by incorporating a series of flame retention lugs located around the periphery of the tip. These stabilize the flame by creating a zone of re-circulating gas immediately downstream of the lugs and thus prevent lift-off. This together with the auxiliary stabilizing effect of the purpose designed pilots ensures maximum reliability under all wind conditions.

GBA offer a full range of ignition equipment to suit all requirements. We offer the well tried and tested Flame Front Generator (FFG) in both forced draft (uses compressed air) and natural draft (inspirates it's own air) versions but increasingly we find that our modern state of the art CHT High Energy direct electric ignitors are finding favour with clients who want a simple to operate, reliable ignition system.

The GBA CHT pilot is an advanced direct electric ignition pilot which is designed to provide reliable flare ignition over many years of operation. It features the following:-

  • High Energy Ignition - totally immune to moisture, dirt or carbon build up
  • Ignitor Rod protected within the pilot therefore not exposed to high temperatures 
  • Ignitors connected by ultra-high temperature cable via plug & socket connection.
  • Distance between pilots and panel can be 300m+
  • Automatic Re-ignition
  • Ex-proof & stainless steel panels are available
  • AC mains and DC versions offered


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